The fight in Fortnite moves on from Condo Canyon to Coney Crossroads

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The battle for Coney Crossroads is Fortnite is on!

Coney Crossroads is the next point of interest that the Imagined Order and The Seven are going to war over. The Seven and their cadets have cleared out the Daily Bugle and Condo Canyon, sending their respective blimps into the ocean near the cities.

Coney Crossroads is up next, and just like the last two battles, this engagement will be fought in three parts.

The first part will happen near the gas station on the east side of the city. Using the gas station and the gas tanks to make quick work of the Imagined Order is a smart move here.

Then the battle progresses to the blockade just in front of the two houses, where you’ll have to just use your standards weapons to finish off the Imagined Order guards.

The last part sees you near the blockade near the north part of the city, where Huntmaster Saber will once again pop up with a few troops to try and stop you from advancing.

This leaves only Rocky Reels, Tilted Towers, The Fortress, and Command Cavern as points of interest on the map that the Imagined Order controls.

Beware Huntmaster Saber beyond the battlefield

Huntmaster Saber isn’t exactly the hardest boss to battle, as you can easily pick him off from range. Not all Fortnite villains can be handled so easily, at least in space. Saber is a much different beast, so to speak, when you’re confined in the blimp above the given locations.

Whether you clear out the city or not, Huntmaster Saber is overhead regardless. So even if the city has been cleared of the Imagined Order, Saber can still be encountered in the blimp and if you do encounter him, he’ll have the advantage.

After all, you’re not only limited in your movement but you’re also dealing with the fact another player could pop in and pick you off.

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