The wild-eggs in Fortnite were a lot of fun and should be permanent

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Fortnite added eggs for the Easter holiday and they were mostly a good idea.

For Easter, Fortnite added eggs to the game. Not just in the way of the previously mentioned Egg Launcher, which frankly can stay gone, but in the way of edible easter eggs that when the player devoured one, would give the player a brief boast jumping.

The anti-gravity eggs were a very fun edition and allowed players to traverse the map at a quicker rate. It allowed you to stay ahead of the storm if you’re an edge player, while also giving players in firefights the ability to leap over another player and onto a structure to get some distance.

The edition greatly improved gameplay and if there’s just one complaint is that it didn’t last all that long. It’d be nice to have them last a bit longer than they do, maybe half a minute or even a full minute. That way you’re getting more bang for your buck when you go looking to harvest them.

Anti-gravity consumables would do well in Zero Build games

The shields are too weak and the guns are too powerful. If you get someone who’s competent with those over-powered assault rifles, you’re toast. Bringing in these anti-gravity consumables into the Zero Build version of the game permanently would give players a better chance at getting away from players, allowing a player more of a chance if they get caught from behind.

Especially if you found yourself caught between two opposing players, the anti-gravity consumable could allow you to reset yourself at a different point in the field of play, allowing a player to recharge and heal.

After all, there is more than one way to win a fight but Fortnite prioritizes aggressive encounters and not as much as say, a sneakier approach. These consumables could allow players to be more stealthy and be better equipped to get out of a hairy situation.

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