Ranking the outfits returning to shop for April 13, 2022

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Fans will want to keep an eye out for these returning designs.

Fortnite is bringing back five (four) unique looks for fans to purchase this week. They’re all a bit different than one another and offer fans a variety of options to select if you want to catch up on some of the more classic designs.

While the new Get Far Out set is available, it’s really just a hoody, so maybe don’t invest in them.

With Fortnite ever-growing and fans coming and going, it’s good to have the ability to look at and decide what outfits are worth getting and which ones need to be passed on, which is why we’re taking the time to break down and look at some of these looks.

Ranking the outfits back in the Fortnite shop

4. Ruby

The design of Ruby is simple and boring. Her red hat and leggings cover up the fact that her hoody is impractical. Really just a generic character with a change of clothes.

3. Storm Racer/Pitstop

The Storm Racer and Pitstop outfits are basically just the male and female versions of the same biker-dude/dudette look. They’re pretty generic but if their style is what you’re looking for, you can’t do much better.

2. Bush Ranger

The Bush Ranger outfit is both cute and unique. It’s something that could easily work in the world of science fiction. Its leafy exterior and tree-bark-covered skin is unique and interesting and one that really should be far more explored as far as a character’s backstory is concerned.

1. Manic

The best outfit of the ones re-released has arguably the worst name of the group but the best design. While her hair is a bit passe at this point, the red of it and her dark charcoal attire complement each other well. She also has a mask and a helmet that really helps set her apart from the rest of the characters and gives her a genuinely interesting look.

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