The battle turns to Condo Canyon after victory at the Daily Bugle

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The Battle at the Daily Bugle is over and now onto Condo Canyon.

If you’ve been following the storyline of the game, you know that the battle for the island started in earnest at the Daily Bugle. It was a three-tier battle that saw players engage with the troops near the entrance to the Bugle, inside the Bugle, and then in a battle with the newly introduced character; Huntmaster Sabre.

Now that battle is over and the eyes of the island turn to Condo Canyon, where The Seven’s cadets are partnering up to take on the Imagined Order, and like with the Daily Bugle, you can assist the good guys in taking down the Imagined Order.

Like with the first battle, it’s done in three tiers, dropping lute and such as you go. This time it starts in the streets near the north of the city, with the second wave starting around the gas station in the area. Once you get to that point is when Huntmaster Sabre returns to the battlefield to lead the last wave.

Disappointing that Huntmaster Saber is back

While it’s fun to work through these battles, they risk becoming repetitive with the re-use of Huntmaster Sabre. Yes, other points of interest have other bosses, but this was a missed opportunity to either bring a different one over here or bring a new character entirely into the battle.

Just rolling out Huntmaster Sabre again is just going to make players not want to engage in these battles, after all, if they’re all largely the same, then what’s the point?

Also, taking out the tank doesn’t make any sense. It’s understandable they wanted the players to really earn the win, but why not let the Imagined Order use it? That way the battle is at least a bit more challenging.

Let’s hope Fortnite shakes up the top dog at the end of these battles.

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