Fortnite adds egg launcher and bouncy eggs with new update

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Fortnite has added a new weapon in time for Easter.

Fortnite fans will be excited to find out that a new Easter-themed weapon has been added to the game just in time for the holiday on Sunday, April 17. The weapon will be very familiar to people who were playing the game during the winter, as the new weapon, the egg launcher, is just like the snowball launcher from Chapter 3, Season 1.

The weapon shoots explosive eggs that detonate on impact, or after a few seconds if you shoot them straight into the air.

The weapon is a pallet swap of sorts of the snowball launcher, just instead of snowballs, it’s colored eggs.

That’s not the only thing that came in with the weapon, as fans can now eat random eggs they see in-game. These eggs, dubbed “bouncy eggs”, will allow you to jump higher as if gravity was lighter. These aren’t long-lasting and I personally haven’t run across any yet, but I imagine they’re quite fun to use.

Especially with the jetpack.

The egg launcher weapon isn’t one to rely on Zero Build

The snow launcher worked best for me in the traditional build version of Fortnite. It’s a heck of a bunker-breaker and can wreck anyone’s structure with relative ease unless they use those titanium building items.

In Zero Build, you’re not going to get the same use out of it. Sure, you can still wreck some structures to get to players but the two-game types are very different. In the build version of Fortnite, the game is slower, with building used to detour players from shooting them, elevating the gameplay.

In Zero Build, the game is more high paced and you’re not as likely to see players in a specific spot for too long, which is where the new egg launchers would come in handy. The weapon doesn’t have a large radius and players move too fast for them to be a very relied upon item, at least in Zero Build.

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