You can now help fight for the Daily Bugle; all 3 stages revealed

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The Daily Bugle needs your help!

Fans of Fortnite are probably going to be excited to do something different at the Daily Bugle, other than look for Spider-Man web-slingers and get shot from the high vantage points. A new element to Chapter 3, Season 2’s all-out-war storyline is the ability to now join The Seven’s cadets in a battle for the Daily Bugle against the Imagined Order.

Players can now join up with The Seven’s cadets in a three-pronged battle for the area on the Fortnite map. It’s something that is open to all players of the Battle Royale experience and offers up a boss fight at the end of the proceedings. You can even team up with other players to help advance The Seven into enemy territory.

Assuming other players don’t eliminate you first.

That’s the big issue with this, not knowing if another player is going to be a jerk and eliminate you while you’re fighting NPCs. That and trying to finish the battle before the Storm Cloud makes it so you have to run.

What are the three stages of the Battle for the Daily Bugle?

Stage 1. Exterior Battle

The first part of the battle is the exterior one, where you join the Seven’s forces and engage the Imagined Order at the entry to the volcanic area. It’s not terribly long, but if you start this right at the beginning of the match, you will likely have to contend with opposing players as well.

Stage 2. Interior Battle

After you’ve defeated the guards outside, they’ll retreat into the Daily Bugle where you again have to engage with them.

State 3. Huntmaster Saber

Defeating the first two stages will then bring in The Imagined Order’s Huntmaster Saber, who will do everything in his power to wreck you. Should you defeat him, however, you will get a Mythic thermal rifle to use. Not bad.

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