Which rifle is the most useful to use in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

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The folks at Fortnite have added a few new rifles but which one is best for Chapter 3, Season 2?

Fortnite has introduced a plethora of new weapons this year and if you’re a distance player, a whole new host of rifles have been included as well. Not just the Heavy Sniper Rifle, either. There’s your standard rifle, then of course your Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle, Striker Burst Rifle, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Combat Assault Rifle, and Red Dot Assault Rifle.

Some of those aren’t going to be around for the rest of the season, like the Combat and Red Dot rifles. Both of those are currently up against one another in a voting challenge where the loser will be vaulted.

Others, like your standard, single-shot rifle, don’t appear to be going anywhere.

So if you’re new to the game or just looking for someone else’s opinion on the subject, may we make a suggestion? Grab the Thermal Scoped Assault Rifle. That’s the one we’d recommend for ranged players.

The Thermal Assault Rifle is very crisp

In Fortnite, one of the things that everyone kind of needs to realize is that each one performs differently and that means that each gun caters to different players. If you’re a close-range kind of guy, you’re gonna want the drum shotgun. If you’re a mid-range guy, you may want the combat SMG.

Yet, if you’re a long-range guy, take the Thermal Scope, even over a more traditional sniper.

The scope won’t give you the same detail, but it also has next to little recoil. The scope allows you an easier time finding opponents across the field of play and the lack of recoil compared to others will allow you to throw a line of bullets their way.

It’s not as powerful as the Heavy Sniper Rifle, nor is its rate of fire as high as the Combat Assault Rifle, but it’s the perfect weapon if you want to stay away from danger and pick players off.

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