Klombo is back in Fortnite Season 3, Chapter 2, well, sort of

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Did you miss the big multi-color dummy that is Klombo? Fear not!

Fans of Fortnite saw Klombo get vaulted to start Season 3, Chapter 2, and for good reason. The game clearly didn’t like the idea of putting the dinosaur against various members of the Imagined Order or The Seven.

So when the war arc between the two sides started, he mysteriously vanished. Some thought he went the day of dinosaurs, and others thought he went and got captured by the Imagined Order, but both of those theories appear to be untrue.

So if he isn’t in an Imagined Order base or somewhere in the ground turning into digitized crude oil, where is he?

Where is Klombo hiding on the map in Chapter 3, Season 2?

Klombo is on the map in Chapter 3, Season 2 but he’s not where you think he is, nor is he as big as you think he is. Like with the start of Chapter 3, Season 1, you can find Klombo if you’re looking hard enough. So where can you find the big cutey?

First, go to the Logjam Lumber Yard and head north. You’ll see lumps of snow with a dark indent not too far. This should make fans remember these masses in the first season of Chapter 3, especially early on when most of the island was covered in snow.

From those snowy piles emerged the pink cutey.

Now those lumps are back, and fans should be well aware that this is a sign that Klombo is set to return to the game. When you find the area where the beloved Fortnite creature is, you’ll be rewarded with 10,000 XP for free just by discovering the area.

Then you’ll get a little message in the corner of your screen that says, “Are the Klombo hibernating? Or are they hiding?”.

This right there should tell you that he is alive and well, and a return is closer than you may think. The only question that remains is why is Klombo hiding?

Is it because of the Imagined Order, or something much worse?

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