Ranking the 3 map changes in the v20.10 Map Update to Fornite

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There are three new changes to the map in Fortnite and we’re ranking them.

Fortnite updated their map with V20.10 this morning and added some minor new details, on top of a major one. While the map and game is very changing, the addition of some of these items is quite amusing but not as impressive as the current events of the Daily Bugle.

While we’ll get into that topic a little later, Fortnite really is trying to make the map as chaotic as ever, and that even includes eliminating some details, and adding unique items to the most obscure places in the game.

So with that said, let’s look at the three biggest changes to the map, as explained by Fortnite News.

Ranking the three changes to the map in order of uniqueness.

3. Omega Outpost destroyed

It’s hard to this is entirely impressive, mostly due to how many landmarks, and locations have either been swallowed by sinkholes or destroyed by mortar shells over the last few weeks. Losing a tiny outpost in the mountains isn’t exactly the most upsetting of losses the game has made players deal with. Most of us are still mourning Klombo, so we’re not too bothered by this one outpost.

2. Shipping Containers

This is a wild one. On the Impossible Rock (the plateau with the house and trailer), there is a zipline that leads to the tippy top of it. Now, on that part of the plateau, is a pair of oddly placed shipping containers. Why are they there? Who knows, but they’re there. Someone call Fox Mulder from the X-Files, as I feel like the truth really is out there this time.

1. The Rock Family

A fan favorite from Chapter 1 has returned and it’s the Rock Family. The trio of rock-shaped statues are expected to be moving through the map periodically but their reasons for doing so are otherwise unknown.

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