Fortnite wants to know; do you want the Combat AR or the Red Dot AR?

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Fortnite is asking you to choose which rifle to keep.

Fortnite has brought back the Combat AR and Red Dot AR to the world of Fortnite. Just, not for long apparently. The Red Dot AR has been part of the game the last few seasons and was carried over from the end of Chapter 2 to the start of Chapter 3, yet the Combat AR was unvalted just for this new round of voting.

The folks at Fortnite and Epic are giving you the chance to pick which version you prefer. They’re largely the same, but one has a bit more power and the other has a modified sight.

Neither is perfect but both are good enough in a pinch. The Combat AR is a bit longer, and has a longer barrel, while the AR has potentially better aim, or at least, the perception of better aim, but how do they really stack up against one another.

The difference is minimal but there is a different

There is a difference between the two, even if it’s not much of one.  A Twitter user was able to find a small difference between the two and it comes down to the power of each. The Combat AR produces 20 points of damage to an opposing player, as opposed to the Red Dot AR, which only produces 19 points.

The speed and loading times are nearly the same otherwise.

Frankly, neither weapon is my preferred weapon of choice. They’re great from long-ish range, but most of Fortnite‘s action happens in pretty tight quarters, so neither is truly optimal.

Yet, if we’re going with these two, you go with the Combat AR instead. Sure, the Red Dot makes a long-distance target a bit easier to hit but a free-sight situation is just as effective. You’re really not going to be doing much better with or without it at that range.

Might as well go with the one with a higher rate of damage.

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