The Heavy Sniper is expected back soon but it’s been nerfed

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The Heavy Sniper is coming back to Fortnite but it’s been nerfed a bit.

The Heavy Sniper is coming back to Fortnite, rejoice! Yet, if you’re hoping for the same “one-shot” ability that it had last time around, that’s been changed. This time around the weapon is less powerful but still crazy powerful.

The weapon’s previously stats were the following (via Fortnite News);

"Damage: 132 (no change)Headshot damage: 198 (reduced by 2)Structure damage: 660 (reduced by 440)Reload time: 3.6 seconds (reduced by 0.5)"

As you can see, the weapon had a near-instant elimination ability with a damage of 198 points. That means in regular building mode, you would only have 2 health left after taking a headshot from that. With the overshield you’d have 52.

"Damage: 128 (no change)Headshot damage: 192 (reduced by 8)Structure damage: 630 (reduced by 420)Reload time: 3.8 seconds (reduced by 0.4)"

As you can see, the damage has been reduced and it takes longer to reload. It’s not such that it’s useless but it’s less powerful and therefore, less fun.

Fortnite needs to stop nerfing its best weapons

Fortnite has a nasty habit of nerfing or altering their best weapons, all because some of the player base can’t “get good”. That’s the part that’s frustrating the most, these are the same players who will tell people that you should just get better, but when a weapon is introduced to nerf their own skills, all of a sudden it’s “unfair”.

The thing is, there’s every chance you get eliminated fairly quickly when you land, and a lot of that has to do with pure, random luck. So if landing is a risk in of itself, why not continue to augment the challenge on the field of play?

Don’t nerf powerful weapons, let them be powerful. After all, what’s the point of reducing damage points with the Heavy Sniper when you openly promote the idea that some weapons are already inherently better.

The decision to nerf some weapons and not others is really just arbitrary. Let us have one-shot elimination weapons. What’s the worst that’ll happen?

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