How does Fortnite’s building work against the tank in the Battle Royale?

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Does building help slow down the tank in the building version of Battle Royale?

Building is back in Fortnite and fans everywhere have rejoiced. That doesn’t mean that Zero Build is gone, however. If you prefer your Fortnite more about the running and the shooting and the “bang-bang”, well you and Cactus Jack have that in common then.

If you don’t, and you prefer your Fortnite to be far more about the building, evading, and building some more, you’re in luck. Actually, you’re both in luck, as both game modes are now part of the game going forward.

Yet, what does that mean for the tank? In the Zero Build mode, the tank was not as effective as it could’ve been, mostly due to the fact that it was hard to get a perfect shot off, and that mean that the overshield that players had in the Zero Build mode, would often regenerate before you could do any real damage.

The regular mode has seemingly made the tank even more powerful

That’s not an issue in the regular mode, as the overshield is gone in the regular mode, which means there’s no regenerating shield to protect you; and if we learned anything from our years in middle school shop class, wood isn’t a great property to build sturdy things out of.

In fact, there isn’t an element in the game that can withstand the tank. So even if you use the heavy-duty armored wall, that doesn’t mean you’re going to keep the tank at bay. Nope, it’s coming for you.

The tank won’t be able to destroy the armored wall with its cannon or machine guns too easily but everything else isn’t a match for its blast. Yet, if it’s rolling after you, there’s nothing you can do to stop it. Don’t rely on your building skills here.

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