Building is officially back in Fortnite for Chapter 3, Season 2

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Fans of Fortnite should rejoice; building has returned.

Fans of Fortnite who weren’t happy that building was disabled to start Chapter 3, Season 2 should be counting their lucky stars, as the game has brought it back. Going forward there is going to be the standard building mode in Fortnite, and the new Zero Build mode as well. Pretty much if there’s a building version of Fortnite, there’s going to be a Zero Build as well.

We’re talking solo, duos, trips, teams, and so on, all will have a building and non-building version.

The good news about this, however, is that the building version of Fortnite will retain the sprinting and climbing mechanics. The one thing that won’t be in the traditional Fortnite mode will be the over shield, which gave players 50 extra hit points, that would recharge over a short duration.

How well do the new sprinting and climbing mechanics work with building?

The new mechanics coming over is a godsend to many, as the game is made better with them. While the sprinting mechanic is a pain when you’re trying to lock on someone, the fact is that you can also use it to your advantage as well.

Plus, now that you can build a barrier of sorts, and retreat at a faster rate, is only going to give you a better chance of survival as the season continues.

As for how climbing works? Well, it’s a mixed bag. I personally haven’t tried climbing another person’s structure, I’ve seen some others attempt it, and frankly, it doesn’t go well. They’re often eliminated before they’re close enough to attempt it.

So if you’re feeling froggy and want to try leaping onto someone else’s hideout; don’t. More than likely what will end up happening is you’ll be left exposed and easily eliminated.

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