Is Mystery at Croft Manor in Fortnite worth your time to play?

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Fortnite has a mode called Mystery at Croft Manor but is it worth your time?

Croft Manor was originally released in March of 2021, as a partnership with Alliance, and it gave the player an opportunity to get into Laura Croft’s mansion and solve a mystery. Players can follow clues left for them by the butler and advance throughout the mansion level by level.

If you’re expecting this to be Luigi’s Mansion, however, you’re sorely mistaken, as most of the game is actually played underneath the mansion in tombs and catacombs. There may be an alternate dimension thrown in there as well, but that’s just speculation.

It’s a one-to-four-player game and the onus is obviously on exploration and platforming. while the game has improved with the new climbing and sprinting mechanics, the game is designed like a Tomb Raider game, so does it translate to Fortnite controls?

Well, kinda.

You’re going to struggle to land and leap, but at least the game is forgiving and lets you start back at checkpoints not too far from where you derezzed yourself.

Mystery at Croft Manor is worth your time, at least once

The game mode takes you on a journey for sure and gives you an ample four-hour window to solve the puzzles in. The game is doable and there are hints along the way to help you, mostly. That doesn’t mean they’re easy to find, however.

Moreover, the game is rather difficult if you’re playing with multiple people who you don’t know, and can’t easily communicate with. If a player has previous experience, they’ll fly through the level far quicker than you will, and will force the game along at a pace you’re not ready for.

You’ll end up following in their footsteps and not actively engaged in the gameplay.

If you have a party of your own that you can communicate with over something like Discord or Skype, you may have a much more enjoyable time. Otherwise, you’re not just competing against the clock but one another.

If that sounds like something you wanna experience, then go for it.

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