3 things returning in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2

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Fortnite has three things returning to the game this season.

Fans of Fortnite know that it’s never a good idea to be complacent with the game. The franchise is constantly evolving and changing things. This is to keep the game ever engaging and constantly fresh for new players a chance to hop into.

That means bringing in, taking out, creating new, and hiding hold items in the game. This allows the game to be managed and reshaped as needed. That also means that some items that were once thought long lost will return eventually.

Like for instance in Chapter 3, Season 2. The game is bringing back three key items that fans will want to get their hands on.

So what items are returning this season?

Drone supply drops

If you need some help in the middle of a firefight, the drone supply drops may just be your ticket to victory. These were used in the last chapter to great effect but with the Imagined Order and The Seven war ongoing, these are expected to return sooner rather than later, and rumor has it they’ll be decked out in The Seven colors.

Missile strikes

These were first brought back in Chapter 1, Season 9, and were wildly powerful. The item will be back in Chapter 3, Season 2 apparently but the impact against players won’t be as powerful as it was the first time around. This is a trend in the game, as powerful weapons are being nerfed (rendered less powerful) for balancing reasons. The missile strikes will do more damage to structures and vehicles, however.

Jet Packs

Fans of Boba Fett will get to fly like the Star Wars icon, as jet packs will be introduced in the blimps floating high above the island. They’ll work much like the Mandolarian jet packs introduced not long ago. It’ll also allow players to strafe and float, which should be fun.

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