Zero Build tournaments apart of new competitive season

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Competitive Fortnite players will soon get Zero Build tournaments to play in.

Fortnite fans are a varied group. Some love the competitive nature of Battle Royale, while others just want to build their favorite worlds in the creator mode. Yet, there are some that take their love of competition to the next level and try their hand at the competitive season of Fortnite.

This new season, Chapter 3, Season 2, saw a new element be brought into Fortnite, and that’s the Zero Build gameplay. It was originally added as a storyline element, but many players saw it as a way to spice up the gameplay for the series.

That doesn’t mean that everyone has loved it, but many top-tier gamers cited it as a huge reason for players to get back into the game, and it worked. The servers were overloaded on the launch day of the new season.

Now, Zero Build is making the leap from Battle Royale to the competitive circuit as well.


"Zero Build TournamentsFortnite Zero Build is here! Our first Zero Build tournament was the Chloe Kim Cup which took place on March 24 and we are actively exploring new opportunities to bring you more Zero Build competitive offerings. Keep your eyes on the Compete tab in-game and on social media to stay up to date with Zero Build competitive offerings.For any tournament organizers that are interested in hosting a Zero Build event, please refer to our event license terms."

Other aspects coming to the competitive side of Fortnite this season.

For those invested, you may have seen that the hype points in Competitive Playlists were re-set. This mirrored the game re-setting everyone’s gold count in the standard game as well. If you reach the Contender’s League Division 5 during the season, you’ll be rewarded with a new cosmetic reward. The higher you go, the more rewards you’ll get up until Leave Division 10.

Also back for Season 2 is the Lighting Cups, they’ll be back starting April 5, with the Zero Build Lighting Cup.

In the last update from Epic Games, the FNCS will be expanded in Chapter 3, Season 2 as well, featuring more rounds to compete in.

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