3 other ways to play Fortnite while you wait for building to return

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Some players aren’t happy with the Zero Build mode in Fortnite.

Fortnite has upset some players with its Zero Build mode, a mode that is going to be a part of the gaming options of Fortnite going forward indefinitely. That doesn’t mean the game won’t go back to building eventually. Of course, they will, it just means that Zero Build will be an option for gamers to play.

That brings us to this situation. Some gamers hate the Zero Build, citing that building was the reason they came into the game and now they’re upset that it’s gone.

It’s not “gone” though, it’s temporarily deactivated but will be back in the coming days. So until it’s back, why not try out these other game modes? There are so many to pick from, like Fortnite’s answer to Call of Duty Zombies, and of course, the plethora of driving games but those didn’t make this list.

So what did?

Three other game modes to play in Fortnite while you wait for building to return


It’s exactly as it sounds, it’s Fortnite’s response to Mindcraft. You can build your own island, with your own buildings, and have your own fun. It’s a lot of fun if you grew up building things with Legos.


Fortnite’s answer to Among Us, is the game mode where you have to find out which members of your team are imposters, who are trying to eliminate and sabotage everyone around them.

Party Royale

Party Royale is a game mode that welcomes any and all to have fun, play some low-pressure games and eventually watch some shows or whatnot as they are produced and put on. Fans just got an Ariana Grande show not that long ago and the rumor is that Billie Eilish will be next up. If a more casual game is your style this is for you.

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