Fortnite debuts Zero Build mode trailer for Battle Royale

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Fortnite has disabled building in the game but what’s the point of Zero Build?

Fortnite has disabled the building mechanic for the game, but we’ve known that for nearly two weeks. Yet, a new trailer for “Fortnite Zero Build” was released recently, highlighting the fact that you can now engage in more combat-focused gameplay.

This upset some fans and delighted others. Some players thought the lack of building made the game wholly unique, while other fans thought the disabling of the building mechanic made the game too similar to other battle royale shooters.

Regardless, it’s been a regular thing for the game for a few weeks now, so why is it that the mode is just getting a trailer? Well, because it may be just that; a new mode.

Fortnite Zero Build potentially joining the gameplay types

There’s a rumor going around that building will soon return to the game, and some have predicted it as early as the first week of April. If the idea is to bring back building sooner rather than later, then it would make sense for this new trailer to pop up.

After all, the one thing that Fortnite does well is to give players a variety of gameplay types. This may just be the next evolution in gaming modes for Fortnite.

On one hand, you’d have the conventional, building mode, where fans can hop in a build stuff to their heart’s contents, and play the game like it’s been played for years

On the other hand, this new game mode may in fact stick around as a sister mode of sorts to the conventional Fortnite mode. This would explain why the Zero Build mode got a name and a hype trailer, to prepare players for a brand new alternative that will play alongside the regular Battle Royale mode.

This would give fans a variety of ways to play the Battle Royale mode. For me, I’m very interested in seeing how the new mechanics interact with the building mode.

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