There are still treasure chests in the game if you know where to look

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Fortnite introduced treasure chests for the Uncharted crossover but some remain.

Fortnite introduced treasure chests for the Uncharted crossover, where if you got a map, you could hunt down Drake’s fortune. Usually, you’d get a few legendary weapons, some healing items, and gold.  The weapons were rarely anything to write home about, mostly just rifles and pump shotguns, but occasionally you’d get something good.

With the update to Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, the treasure maps and chests were all seemingly removed. The maps are gone, but that doesn’t mean the treasure chests are gone completely.

There are still some on the island but good look finding them, as they’re not consistent in their locations. They’re also not worth going out to find, as they don’t have the same loot in them either. While I haven’t looked for them all over the place, I know of one that is usually there in the same location.

Where I keep finding a buried treasure chest in Fortnite

While playing on the Nintendo Switch version, I found there was a buried treasure chest just left of the tank at Commander Cavern. The chest was under a box, in between two slurp kegs. Inside of it was just a rare SMG and three small shield potions, nothing to write home about.

The chest isn’t there all the time, nor is it anything worth going out of your way to look for, but if you’re in a pinch, and you decide to drop in that location, it may be an option for you to try digging it up if other players have already been through.

It’s a neat little thing that the game still has, and while it’s not going to be the difference in winning or losing a game, it may be something that helps keep you going.

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