Which is better to use? The Tank or the Battle Bus

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Fans of Fortnite have a question to answer; The Tank or The Battle Bus?

Fans of Fortnite may be unsure about what vehicle is best for them; the new Tank or The Battle Bus. Both items are different but are being compared to one another due to their fortified nature and heavy artillery. Yet, that doesn’t mean they’re equal.

These are vastly different vehicles that fans are trying to equate with one another, so with that said, which vehicle is really the better option? Well, like always, it all depends on what it is you’re looking for as a player.

We’re looking at five different categories, but this isn’t a best of five. Simply an explanation as to why the decision is what it is.

The Tank vs. The Battle Bus: Which Fortnite vehicle is the best for you?

Hit Points

The tank has 2,500 hit points to the Battle Buses 2,250. The Battle Bus cannot go toe to toe with a tank in a head-on conflict for this reason alone but it gets worse.

Winner: Tank


The tank has a cannon and a machine gun turret, while the Battle Bus has two anti-vehicle turrets. Due to the firepower difference, the tank can deal damage of  35/70/120 depending on where the shot lands from the canon. The machine gun registers 35 damage, while any canon shots on vehicles land 570 points of damage. The battle bus-only deals out 35 points of damage but fires at a much more rapid rate. Still, a few good shots from the tank will wreck the battle bus before the Battle Bus can do any real damage.

Winner: Tank


This one is pretty obvious without any real stats. The Battle Bus is just faster. The tank is slow and an easy target, while the Battle Bus can double as a battering ram with how fast it is. Plus the cowcatcher makes it an easy option to run people over with.

Winner: Battle Bus

Carrying Power

The tank has four seats, the Battle Bus has seven.

Winner: Batte Buss

Fuel Use

Neither vehicle is easy on gas but you could probably cover one end of the map to another with the Battle Bus on just two tanks of gas. The tank would probably require four or five at least. Carrying two spare gas cans with the tank is almost a mandate if you want to get the most out of it.


If you’re looking for a combat vehicle in a battle royale, it’s the tank by a mile. Yet, if you’re looking for more transportation or speed, then the Battle Bus is the pick. The tank is pure violence but the Battle Bus is far more in the vein of a genuine transport. It’s best to not have them face-off, even if you have seven people ready to fight for your side, as it’ll only take four shots from the tank to render the Battle Bus ashes.

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