Fortnite finally adjusts the balance issues with several weapons but not by much

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Fortnite has adjusted the balance on several weapons.

In an attempt to level the playing fields of Fortnite, the developers have adjusted several weapons in the game in an attempt to even out the competitive issues fans have been complaining about since some of these weapons have been introduced.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account tweeted out some things that have been changed for the game, namely headshot damage, but Fortnite News has more information for gamers.

The MK-Seven assault rifle will see a damage decrease by two against players, and structure damage decreases by one. The Combat assault rifle will also be dropped by two against players and one against structures.

The Stinger SMG will drop the damage by one to players, and by five against structures. The Combat SMG will be dropped by two against players, as well as buildings, and the headshot multiplier will decrease from two to 1.75.

Will this help make the game more balanced?

Ultimately the game will never truly be balanced and shouldn’t be completely balanced. To balance the game completely would mean that every player gets the same weapon and items to start every game and that’s it.

That’s not the case. So if that’s not going to be the case, why go to such lengths to make it appear that the game is “balanced”. The SMG will always win out over the pump shotgun, and the devs know this. Plus, the newer drum shotgun is nearly impossible to find at times. You’ll find all sorts of rifles and pump-action shotguns before you find one drum shotgun in the area.

Considering the rate of fire, and impact those have, if you sneak up on someone with full health and shields, it’s going to be over for them. That seems like a competitive issue.

Yet, players are only going to complain if other players get good at certain things. Otherwise, they would be demanding the same gun and item for everyone in the game, all the time. They don’t, so it’s clearly not a case of real competitive balance.

Only what they don’t like using, or more specifically, what they don’t like having used against them.

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