Titan Tanks were disabled in competitive matches because players couldn’t get good

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The Titan Tanks were supposed to be overpowered and players aren’t happy about it.

It always boggled the mind why you would put an item into a game like a tank, only to either make it mostly ineffective or handicap it so much that it’s not even worth getting and using. The point of it is to make the balance unfair. It makes the game interesting. Can you come up with a way to take it down without being eliminated?

It adds a sense of excitement to the game.

Yet, some players, especially those on the competitive side of things, weren’t happy with the tank and complained about it until it was disabled. It’s still available to use in the regular Battle Royale modes, for now, but with the introduction of the Anvil Rocket Launcher, the developers have gone to great lengths to limit the tank’s effectiveness in those arenas as well.

Fortnite has always had overpowered items, why is this different?

There have always been things in Fortnite that are “overpowered” but didn’t get the same treatment as the tank. We’ll touch on the SMG later, but players have complained about that weapon for months, if not longer, and nothing had been done that that (more on that in a different article).

The “main characters” that you can interact with within Fortnite are all overpowered, from The Foundation on down, not to mention some of the enemies the game brings in, like The Caretaker.

So why is it the tank is the one thing that is getting maligned? It seems rather odd that an entire player base, who constantly uses the “get good” phrase when someone complains, would be the ones complaining about an opportunity to get better.

Maybe the player base should follow their own lead and “get good” at challenging people in tanks, instead of complaining about them.

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