3 reasons why the Anvil Rocket Launcher and not the tank, is overpowered in Fortnite

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The Anvil Rocket Launcher has nerfed the tank in Fortnite.

The Anvil Rocket Launcher may be one of the most game-breaking weapons in Fortnite’s short history that there’s ever been. Not only can you use it as a standard weapon, but it auto-locks on vehicles, and sends a rocket that is nearly unavoidable.

The launcher was made to balance out the Titan tank in the game, but its arrival really seems to make the game a bit more balanced. Which is a terrible thing. In the world of weaponry, the tank is quite literally near the top.

While I understand taking the tank out of the competitive matchups, as it’s far more about the level of competition and the like, to introduce a weapon that nerfs the tank as hard as it does is just rude.

Players want to feel empowered. The tank does that. It should do that. It should be the goal of every player. Instead, it’s become a rolling death trap if a player has the new Anvil Rocket Launcher.

Three reasons why the Anvil Rocket Launcher is more overpowered than the Titan Tank.

Far easier to move with it

Everyone sees the tank coming a mile away. No one sees a player with the Anvil Rocket Launcher until you’re alerted of the rocket’s impending arrival. Now, you can try to hide under something like a tree or overpass but the odds you’re near a tree or building big enough that won’t crumble upon you rolling up is slim. So the advantage goes to the rocket user.

Nearly as powerful

The rocket launcher can disable a tank in five or six shots depending on how accurate it is. Considering it may take far more shots from the tank to disable a player, it seems rather imbalanced. Plus, unlike the tank, you don’t know where the player is who’s firing the rocket. They just need to see you in their line of sight and the auto-locked rocket does the rest. Unlike the tank, where you have to stop, line up your shot, and hope they’re standing still. Even then you’re only handing gout 120 points of damage.

Don’t have to dedicate more than one slot to it

If you intend on using the tank properly and I mean properly, you’re going to need to carry two gas tanks that are fully charged, as well as at least one, preferably two fully charged blow torches. Otherwise, you’re going to go about 20 feet and you’re going to explode. The Anvil doesn’t have that issue, and you can load it up with as many rockets as you can find. While you don’t have the armor of the Titan, you can quickly disable one in relatively short order.

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