Are the bow types worth using in Fortnite’s battle royale?

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The bows have returned to Fornite but are they worth your time?

Bows have returned to the world of Fortnite, but with so much else in the way of weaponry, are they really worth your time? They have to match up with the range of sniper rifles and the speed and volume of SMGs, so in a firefight with such high-powered weapons, do bows and arrows really stack up against such weaponry?

Well, that’s the thing, the answer is complicated. It really all comes down to how you play.

If you’re an offensive player that likes to confront other players head-on, no, you’re not going to want to throw down like that with a bow and arrow, regardless of the type. Bows are one-shot eliminations if you get a head-shot, but most of the types offer up some nasty perks that will surely do some damage to you as well.

Bows have their place in Fortnite if you know how to use them

Most of the Bows offer up some unique and practical side-effects that you won’t find with any type of gun. So if you know how to use those types to your advantage, you can absolutely get the most use out of them. Being someone who prefers ranged attacks doesn’t hurt.

The most worthwhile of the types is the flame-bow, which can not only double as a projectile that can eliminate a player in one hit, but if you miss, it’ll light the surrounding area on fire assuming it’s something like grass or wood.

The explosive bow is great if you catch someone by surprise, as the arrow produces several small explosions that can do 10-30 damage on the after-effects alone.

The other types aren’t as useful but are still practical if you just want to hunt someone from a rooftop and don’t want them to know you’re there.

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