Finally, Fortnite is bringing back bows and arrows

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Fortnite appears to be bringing back bows and arrows for Chapter 3.

Fans of Fortnite will finally get the return of bows for Chapter 3, Season 1. That’s right, bows are slated to be unvaulted later this week (or early next). The weapons will be the same statistically compared to their Chapter 2 types.

The news comes from Fortnite News, who looked into the game code and found a new file called “Wild Week”, which mentions Primal Bow Week, which is expected to start up next week.

From Fortnite News:

"New Quests that require players to use the Primal Bows have been found in the files under a new ‘Wild Week’ folder.The following Bows have all been mentioned in the upcoming ‘Primal Bow Week’ Quests and are expected to be unvaulted next week:Primal Flame BowMechanical Shockwave BowPrimal Stink BowMechanical Explosive Bow"

According to Fortnite News, the classic Primal and Mechanical Bows along with Animal Bones, Stink Sacs, Mechanical Parts, and arrows are also expected to be unvaulted as well.

Range and sneaking players will love the return of bows to Fornite.

Not everyone will like the bow returning to the game, and assuming they return to the battle royale mode, then fans who like more ranged, and sneaking styles of play will absolutely hate these weapons.

Many players like just going head to head and finding out who wins, but some players, like myself, love to pick off players from distance, using the space and element of surprise to catch players off guard.

Bows will absolutely help with that, but it will anger fans who hate those types of players. It won’t be as bad as dealing with SMG’s or machine pistol players but it if you’re not used to watching your surroundings and keep getting picked off, these bows will only further frustrate fans.

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