Fornite’s Tilted Towers are cursed: rumored to be getting razed once again

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The famed Fortnite Tilted Towers may be gone sooner rather than later.

If you’re playing Fornite in Chapter 3, Season 1, you know that an iconic landmark from seasons long ago has returned to the game in  Tilted Towers. It’s one of the largest spaces on the map, with it being not just a wide space, but a tall one as well, allowing combat to occur on many different levels of the map.

Yet, according to one theory by several fans (via Fortnite News), they suggest that Tilted Towers may be swallowed whole by the island itself.

During the events of the chapter’s first season, we see that the Imagined Order is drilling into the island in an attempt to get to the Flipside. This is most evident in the mountain range northwest of Tilted Towers, where they bored out a large chunk of the range and built a subterranean base that you can explore.

This theory hypothesizes that Tilted Towers is doomed in large part due to earthquakes. Three digging sites are nearby, that form a triangle with the town smacked dab in the middle of it. This could be nothing but it could be something.

With Fortnite bringing in earthquakes and sinkholes to join the thunderstorms and tornadoes, the idea that Tilted Towers could soo be demolished isn’t a radical idea.

The changing map is part of the reason to play Fornite

This may upset some fans, as Tilted Towers is great fun if you’re a sniper or long-range player, and it gives you all sorts of vantage points. Yet, the changing map is a key reason why the fanbase has been as persistent for as long as it has.

It changes every few months so that it doesn’t get old and stale and that’s part of the charm of the game. So while Tilted Towers has been a fun part of the game, I say bring on the next change in the map.

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