Is Tilted Towers a good landing spot in Chapter 3?

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Fortnite brought back Tilted Towers for Chapter 3.

The island in Fornite is undergoing a thaw of sorts, now that the Christmas season is over. So an entire chunk of the island that was once nothing but ice is now lush and green. This revealed that many of the snow hills and ice cubes of Frosty Fields were actually covering up the iconic in-game landing spot of Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers was introduced in Chapter 1, Season 2, and became a favorite of the Fortnite fandom. As fellow Forever Fortnite writer Andrew Lin put it;

"As a shooter map, it has everything: high vantages, low cover, open areas, and lots of loot. This leads to an experience that may be the apotheosis of Fortnite"

As a newer player, joining in the waning weeks of Chapter 2, I never got to play Tilted Towers before its thaw but avoided its eventual replacement Boney Burbs as it was one of the least appealing spots on the map.

So I’ve done a few rounds landing in the spot and now I get to answer the question; Is Tilted Towers worth dropping in during Season 3?

Is Tilted Towers a good drop-in spot?

The answer is large, no but not for the reasons you may be thinking. It maintains all the landmark aspects of it. The high vantage, the low cover, the number of spaces to explore and curate as you see fit.

Yet, for right now, it’s not the spot you want to drop in on. With it being so new, everyone is dropping in, to the point, I saw probably around 20+ players in the city at once on one of my more recent games. I’ve only seen that kind of volume at the start of the chapter if I dropped in at the Daily Bugle and for similar reasons; it was new.

The amount of players makes it hard to find any weapons and I ended up having two rounds at Tilted Towers where I found zero weapons as the rest of the player base swarmed the location. So if you’re not looking to fight off a horde of eager players and would rather pick people off as I do, you may want to drop in on any other city for a few weeks, until the novelty of Tilted Towers return fades.

That is unless you want a Hunger Games-like opening to your match.

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