How to get over one million points with a four-wheeler

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Have you wanted to get over 1,000,000 trick points with a four-wheeler?

The four-wheeler is one of the best vehicles in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1. It’s quick, compact, easy to control, can go over any terrain, and has a rocket boost. That rocket boost allows you to even boost across the water if you’re so inclined.

Just don’t take your time, because the four-wheeler can only float so long when you’re not using the boost.

That’s not all the four-wheeler can do, either. It can also be used for stunts. You can leap off of anything really, and you’ll register some points. Yet, what if you wanted to amass some real points in an easy outing, we have a simple and fun way to do it.

All you need is a tornado.

How to rack up stunt points fast in Fortnite.

So firstly, get yourself a four-wheeler. There’s a bunch in and around Coney Crossroads. There’s one near the auto garage and a two or three over in the fields just southeast of the town. The next part is going to be a bit more difficult but completely doable.

Find a tornado. The developers added lighting and tornadoes to the game, and they’re a lot of fun. Fortnite tornados do what tornadoes do well, destroy everything around them and whip things up around it.

This is where you take your four-wheeler, to the tornado. The tornado will whip you up in the debris, and it will rotate you as you fly around. The points will come quickly at this point and you’ll rack them up as you hold on for dear life.

The debris will cause you to lose your points if you make contact, so try and time your entry into the vortex carefully. Don’t use your boost, you’ll fly out of the tornado.

That’s what you want to use to get out of the tornado, but make sure after you fly out of the tornado, that you aim for a surface that you can land cleanly on, otherwise all this work will be for not.

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