Drake’s map in Fortnite will lead you to a treasure trove of loot

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Drake’s map is a neat new edition to Fortnite thanks to Uncharted.

The new Uncharted Expansion has brought loads of new content to the game. Two of those additions are different character models for Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer with outfits from both the video game and movie. They’re even coming with their own set of unique character equipment, as others have in the past.

Yet, while those have to be purchased, one new item from the Uncharted update is free to all players; Drake’s treasure map. The map will be in the game until the end of Chapter 3, Season 1.

The map in question will lead players to a treasure somewhere in the game. It’s a neat little edition to help make the Uncharted addition a little more special. That said, what can you expect to find if you do in fact go digging for Drake’s lost treasure?

What is in Drake’s Uncharted Treasure Map?

Firstly, here’s how the map works. You need to have it selected in your item inventory, and then a set of dotted lines will point you in the direction you have to go. Keep in mind that the lines won’t appear if you’re driving a vehicle.

Once you’re close to your target, you’ll see a large gold glowing light from the distance. That’s where you need to go. Once there you’ll see an X, which of course marks the spot. Then you have to use your tool to dig up the treasure and unleash it.

Once you unearthed the chest, you’ll have to open it but beware, it will take far longer to open it than your conventional chests.

Inside the chest, I found several legendary weapons at least, alongside health and shield items. If I remember correctly you’ll unlock two weapons, some health items, and gold. I can’t remember for sure what the last item was, but I’m pretty sure there were five items in total.

Whether I misremembered or not, I do remember that hunting down the chest was well worth the time to do so. It instantly puts you at an advantage.

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