How to damage players with a Clinger in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Quest Guide

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One of this week’s Chapter 3 Season 1 Quests has you use Clingers in combat. Getting the Clinger is easy, but damaging players with it needs some strategy. What is a Clinger and how do you damage players with them? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to damage players with a Clinger in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1: Quest Guide

A Clinger is an uncommon explosive weapon you can find in Chests, Supply Drops and as floor loot. They come in stacks of three, and you can carry up to six of them. They look like toilet plungers with a bomb attached to them.

You throw Clingers like any other throwable weapon by readying it when you aim-down-sights. When thrown, Clingers travels in an arc and will stick to whatever they hit. After three seconds, the Clinger explodes. It deals 100 damage to an opponent like a grenade. To structures, Clingers deal 200 damage.

The best way to damage a player with them is to hit them directly with the Clinger. It’s easier to do this at close range, as the Clinger doesn’t go that far when thrown. The three second timer is also somewhat hard to time.

A goofy strategy that makes hitting enemies with a Clinger easier can be done with some friends. Throwing a Clinger at a friendly player still causes it to stick to them as usual. However, the explosion won’t hurt them but it will still damage you or enemies. Have them run into an enemy for an easy hit.

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You only need to do 100 damage with a Clinger. Conveniently, that’s how much damage one Clinger does. If you manage to hit someone, you’ll walk away with 25,000 XP for your Battle Pass.

Clingers are also shot by the Exotic Boom Sniper Rifle, but this doesn’t count for the Quest.