Fortnite Power Leveling Weekend: Where did my Supercharged XP go?

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Did your Supercharged XP disappear halfway through a match? It’s not a bug. January’s Fortnite Power Leveling weekend was meant to make up for some lost time when the servers went down during the holidays, but is shaping up to be a rather poor reimbursement. Here’s why this Power Leveling Weekend is such a massive disappointment.

Fortnite Power Leveling Weekend: Where did my Supercharged XP go?

On the weekend of January 7, all players will gain Supercharged XP. This will multiply your XP gain for completing Quests and other challenges. Power Leveling Weekend is a misnomer: you only get Supercharged XP, with its normal mechanics and all. It doesn’t last all weekend.

When you have Supercharged XP on, you gain extra XP until you’ve earned 320,000 more XP than you normally would. It then turns off when this pool of extra XP is used up. Normally, Supercharge is given to players after they haven’t played in over a day.

What Power Leveling Weekend actually means is that you get Supercharged XP on each day, so when you use it up you’ll have to wait until the next day to get another Supercharge. That Supercharge pool also won’t expire when the weekend is over, so you can complete it at your leisure. It’s technically not incorrect to say it’s a Power Leveling Weekend, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Considering that a round of Supercharged XP isn’t hard to get in the first place, you would think a “Power Leveling Weekend” should have Supercharge active all weekend. It doesn’t feel great when you bunker down for Power Leveling Weekend only for your Supercharged XP to expire halfway in a match. It gives the impression that something is broken.

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What’s worse is that the Cozy Lodge XP bonus lasted longer, and there was significantly more of it. This Power Leveling Weekend is hardly a make up.