Fortnite Extra Present: Worse than coal?

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The holiday season is almost over. We’re just a few days out from New Year’s, and a glitch has players scratching their heads looking for one extra present. Where is the last present in Fortnite?

Fortnite Extra Present: Worse than coal?

Trick question: there is no secret present. After a bout of log-in issues yesterday, players returned to the game to find that they had one more Winterfest present left to open. Previously, there were 14 presents to be opened in the Cozy Lodge.

The game will tell you to “Open 1 Present”, but it just seems to be a glitch. There is no present to be had, but that may not be the case soon.

Winterfest continues until January 6, so that last secret present may have very well been planned and accidentally revealed early. This is usually the case with Epic Games. If this wasn’t planned, it looks like we’re getting some sort of present anyway.

Epic Games have acknowledged the issue, and have not said that it was indeed a glitch or bug. My bet is that they’re going to spin this around, and give everyone a bonus gift as an apology. Free stuff is always great.

If you were caught up in the holiday bustle and hustle, there’s still time to redeem all of the presents. They were revealed one by one, and each day you accrued one more present to open. Thankfully, if you fell behind the game queued up all of the presents you’ve missed. Just head to the Cozy Lodge and rip them all open. You’ll still have the one left over, however.

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There’s a few gems in the presents, namely two outfits and all of the wintry accoutrement you could ask for. There’s another outfit that you can claim for free at the Epic Games Store until January 6, too.