Fortnite: Don’t miss these 3 free Winterfest Skins

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Free skins in Fortnite have been an oddity, but recently Epic Games seems to have become generous with them. This Winterfest 2021 has not one, not two, but three free skins for anyone to grab. Here’s how to get the free Winterfest skins in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1.

Fortnite: Don’t miss these 3 free Winterfest Skins

So what’s the catch? I’d expect some obtuse in-game or referral challenge, but these free skins are surprisingly simple to redeem. The first free skin you can grab this holiday season is Blizabelle, a variant on the fan favorite Isabelle skin. She sports a blue, snow-themed sweater instead of her usual academy uniform.

Blizabelle can be purchased for free in the Item Shop on PC. Players on other platforms can get her by logging in the same Epic Games account on a PC. You don’t need a gaming capable PC; as long as you can get into the launcher and the game you’ll be able to buy her for free and leave. You have until January 6 to redeem Blizabelle.

There are spoilers ahead for the Winterfest gifts, so if you want to keep the surprise you’ll want to stop here.

Winterfest Gift Spoilers

The Cozy Lodge will be the hub for all Winterfest celebrations. Navigate to the tab and enter the lodge. You’ll be greeted with stacks of presents, of which you’ll be able to open one of every day.

One of the presents contains Polar Peely, a blue, frosty variant on the classic Peely outfit. If you want to grab Polar Peely first, check out this chart by FireMonkey for which presents contain what.

The last present you open in the Cozy Lodge will be Krisabelle, another Isabelle variant. Krisabelle is the same as Blizzabelle, but red instead of blue.

The winter holidays are the only time Epic Games offers free outfits. Every year since 2019 has had free skins, and the only other times have been the Refer a Friend reward Rainbow Racer and the glitched Meteoric Rise quest that wasn’t meant to be free.

Don’t miss out on these free skins if you’re tired of being a default.

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