3 things to do the next time Fortnite goes down

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Fortnite went down the other day leaving players with a void.

Fortnite found itself down on Feb. 1, in what was easily some cruel April Fools joke that came two months too early. The servers were down for more than two hours on Monday, leaving players unable to get on and play. This isn’t a regular occurrence but it does happen sometimes.

Granted, it never happened during the days of couch co-op, the only reason a player couldn’t get on in those days was that he took a pillow shot to the head after he screen-peaked. We all know you did it, Dale, don’t lie.

Screen-peaking aside, coach co-op was a fun thing and we didn’t have log-on issues as we do now. Sure, we couldn’t play against 99 other players at once, but there was nothing stopping four people from getting together and chopping the hell out of each other in a game of GoldenEye.

And yes, Oddjob is allowed.

So with newer gamers not knowing the joys of a net-less multiplayer experience, what can they do to help avoid the dark emotions that descend on them whenever Fortnite goes offline?

These are three things you can do the next time Fortnite goes down

Stare into the abyss

So Fornite is down and you find yourself without the ability to log on and “freck wools”. Now what? Well, take a page from Simon and Garfunkel and welcome the darkness into your life. The empty and cavernous void that is the abyss is calling. Stare into it. See where it goes.

Contemplate the nothingness while eating pizza

It’s now been a full hour since you’ve been able to log on and dance to your heart’s content in the lobby. Life is starting to turn grey. Pick up a piece of pizza and realize that the nothingness of life has finally caught up to you. What’s life without Fortnite?

Play something else

…Or just play something else, and stop being an emo kid. Either or.

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