4 reasons Fortnite needs to do away with the desert portion of the map

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Fortnite should do away with the desert portion of the map.

I don’t mind if you disagree with me, but man, the desert portion of the Chapter 3 Fortnite map is among the worst things that this new chapter has to offer. As a late arrival to the franchise, only getting involved with the franchise during Chapter 2’s final stages, I became a very big fan of the more suburban approach that a lot of the maps had.

That and the farm locations as well.

So coming into Chapter 3, I was very excited to see what would come next. The introduction of the snow-covered region was awesome, and the incorporation with the Christmas theme really made it feel charming. The new Sanctuary region is unique but not incredibly fun, but there are a lot around that location that is. Like the Daily Bugle.

Tilted Towers is another one that has a lot going on, so does Shifty Shafts, yet the one place that I dislike playing in the most is the desert region, which includes Rocky Reels, Condo Canyon, and Chonkers Speedway.

Rocky Reels and Condo Canyon on their own are fun. Condo Canyon is a great drop-in point and Rocky Reels is usually a bottleneck of action at certain points. The rest? Just not interesting.

Four reasons to do away with the desert portion of the map

Not as many players seem to start there

This isn’t a statement based on empirical data, just what I seem to notice. Players aren’t looking to drop into this portion of the map. So if you do, you’re usually going to have to run a lot to find any action. Maybe that’s how you want to play, and that’s cool, but if you’re looking for a lot of action this isn’t the area to do so.

Not a great location for sniping

You’d think with the plateaus littered throughout this portion of the map, that wouldn’t be the case, but there’s a lot of overlap, making it harder to see players who are under you. The highest points seem to often have the lowest visibility. If you’re like me and enjoy eliminating players from a distance, this isn’t the place for you.

Not a great place to explore

While you may have some ruins of old buildings that could offer up a look, they are few and far between. The biggest area may just be Chonkers Speedway and that’s really more to race on, then explore and set up a defense.

It just looks boring

When I think of fun and adventures, I don’t think about deserts. It isn’t exactly the most appealing place to look at and due to the focus on establishing a more rural-looking portion of the map, it really doesn’t draw eyes the way the Daily Bugle or Tilted Towers does.

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