Could there be more surprises as the snow melts Fornite Chapter 3?

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Fans should be hoping for more surprises as the snow melts.

Unlike fans living in the north and eastern parts of the United States, the players of Fortnite are seeing the snow melt away. Snow was added to the game for the holiday season, complete with Christmas gifts, Christmas trees, snowmen, fire pits, and reindeer-decorated four-wheelers (among other things). Yet, as time ticks on, those are being replaced.

The four-wheel ATVs are no longer cutely decorated, the trees and presents are long gone, and snowmen are becoming few and far between. Better jump in them and hide while you still can. Huge swathes of the map are being thawed out and with it comes a new set of things to experience.

None more so, so far, than the return of Tilted Towers in what was once Frosty Fields. It was a huge addition that took many fans by surprise, and now I’m left wondering, what else is coming?

Fortnite Chapter 3 may offer up more surprises

The snow has melted past Camp Cuddle, leaving only the mountains along the north and north-western edges of the map decorated with snow. Many are wondering what lies beneath the snow? Will there be any huge surprises that rate as high as the re-addition of Tilted Towers? Unlikely but there are numerous secrets yet to be uncovered and it’s very likely that more locations return to the map as Chapter 3 progresses into its first season.

Not just locations, but new creatures could be added, like the huge Klombos.

The map constantly changes in Fortnite, that’s not new, but as the game has been chugging along now for three chapters and numerous seasons, there are many things that fans may want to see a return. To that end, there are also new players who may not have been around for much of the previous two chapters.

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