You can’t fight (well, win) against a Klombo but what can you do?

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Fornites’ Klombos are big, sweet, and will destroy you if you cross them.

Klombos are giant, six-legged, dinosaur dogs. They’re cute, they respond by how you treat them and while you can’t tame them, you can curry their favor if you feed them the new Klomberries. In doing so, you’re capable of getting all sorts of items like shield containers or even weapons.

Their introduction into Chapter 3 hints at more coming. One of the new loading images for the chapter is the island with a more prehistoric version underneath it. That leads me to believe that they’re going to be introducing a lot of dinosaurs into the game this year.

Klombos are more than likely the first of them and they’re docile. Until they aren’t. Klombos can be fed Klomberries, and that makes them change colors and eventually dispel stuff. You can even ride these large dinosaurs, though they’re going to go wherever they want to go.

Klombos are cute and harmless until they aren’t

Klombos are not to be messed with. Sincerely, they are not here to fight. They’re going to mess you up. Firstly, nothing really hurts them. You may be able to tackle one if you pair up and go all in but even then the game may end before you can actually cause enough damage.

Why? They have no known health bar, and they only take one-damage regardless of what you throw at it. Pistols, shotguns, sniper shots to the head; all just one damage. Not only that, but when Klombos get mad, they get aggressive and come for you.

They’re like any NPC in that regard, where once you’ve committed a violent act against them, they’ll come for you as long as they see you. The only thing you can do if you accidentally (or purposefully) shoot one is to run.

That said, much like dodging fire in a close area near an NPC, you may be able to trick someone into shooting a Klombo and in that case, you have non-ally-ally. The Klombo will likely come for you as well, so keep in mind that it isn’t your friend but if you’re looking to use one as a distraction, it’s not the worst idea. Just stay out of its way.

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