Couch co-op isn’t dead: How to do Split Screen on Fortnite Chapter 3

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I fondly remember playing all sorts of games with my brothers and cousins on the same TV. Split screen couch co-op is one of my favorite ways to play some games, and I’m happy that Fortnite is a great split screen experience. Here’s how to do split screen on Fortnite and everything you need to know to get gaming with your friends and family.

How to do split screen on Fortnite

There’s a few things you need to know and prepare before you start:

  • Xbox and PlayStation only
  • Only two players can play at a time
  • Both players need an account
  • You need two controllers (obviously)

When you get into the main Battle Royale menu, get the second controller connected. You’ll see a button prompt on the bottom of the screen for the second controller to join in. You’ll be taken to a log-in screen to sign into Fortnite for the second player.

If you’re having trouble logging the second player in, you may need to log in Solo on another console account first.

From here, you can play Duos and Squads together. For Squads, you can still play with other players on separate systems as usual.

The advantages of split screen

Fighting games have kept the local play experience alive and well, but the age of the shooter LAN party is gone with the advent of high speed internet. There’s something special about playing a game in the same room. You share the energy with your friends in a way that’s unlike when you play together online.

Split screen Fortnite is a great way to get a less experienced player into the game, since playing together on the same screen lets the seasoned player help out much more easily. Not to mention, there’s a special mechanic just for split screen that helps both players land in the same spot, so your little siblings can stick by you.

It can also be a fun date night if both of you are already into Fortnite. Share some soda and pizza, I guarantee it’ll be a great time. If you’re looking for a gift for that special someone, check out our ultimate Fortnite gift guide.

The disadvantages of split screen

Only two players can play at the same time, so you won’t be able to Squad up completely unless your other friends have their own systems in the same room. For example, playing together on Nintendo Switches to fill out a Squad can be a great party experience.

Of course, having more players together puts a performance tax on both your Internet and Console performance. If you have slow internet you may have trouble staying connected with multiple users, and if you’re on an aging Xbox One or PS4 you may run into some performance compromises.

There’s also an issue of screen real estate. Split screen Fortnite preserves the original aspect ratio for both players, so you’re really playing on a quarter of your TV’s size. The bigger your TV, the better.

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