Forever Fortnite Gift Guide 2022: The best gifts and ideas for any gamer in your life

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Holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re here you want to know: what are the best gifts for the Fortnite obsessed in your life? Our ultimate Fortnite Gift Guide 2022 has the best gifts for anyone on your list.

Fortnite is one of the most played games in the world across almost every gaming system. As such, it has a large audience consisting of kids all the way to adults (really big kids). With such popularity and ubiquity in the gaming sphere, there’s no shortage of official products and others that make excellent gifts.

This also poses another problem: with so many things you can get, how do you know which ones are best for your precious gamer? If you’re not a gamer, it may be hard to know what you’re looking for. Each item on the list will have who I think will appreciate it the most, so you can tailor choose your gift for anyone no matter which system they play on.

Forever Fortnite Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The best gifts and ideas for any gamer in your life

Forever Fortnite is not sponsored by any of the products listed here; product recommendations are the ones I personally use.

V-Bucks Gift Cards

V-Bucks are the bread and butter of Fortnite. It’s the digital currency that’s used to buy cosmetics in Fortnite. The great thing about Fortnite is that these cosmetics are, well, cosmetic and offer no competitive advantage.

V-Bucks can also be used to buy the Battle Pass, a set of in-game challenges that reward exclusive cosmetics that can’t be earned anywhere else. It costs 950 V-Bucks (in-game), so the cheapest 1,000 V-Bucks card will get them there. You can’t go wrong with V-Bucks, as it lets them choose what they want to spend it on. They’re also platform-agnostic.

Physical gift cards can be purchased anywhere gift cards are sold, like at big box stores, the supermarket and game stores like Gamestop. Digital gift cards purchased online are codes that can be redeemed by the recipient. They come in the following denominations in the United States:

  • $7.99 – 1,000 V-Bucks
  • $19.99 – 2,800 V-Bucks
  • $31.99 –  5,000 V-Bucks
  • $79.99 – 13,500 V-Bucks

Great for: Anyone

Digital store gift cards

Much like V-Buck cards, these let them choose what they want. These are platform specific, so you’ll need to know if they’re playing on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch. They can choose to spend this on Fortnite V-Bucks, but also on any other myriad of great games they could want for their consoles. It’s even more flexible than V-Bucks, in a way.

Great for: Anyone

Second controller

Did you know that Fortnite on PlayStation and Xbox has split-screen couch co-op? Fortnite is typically played online with friends, but you can also play with up to one other person in the same room together. Many games don’t have this feature anymore, so it’s unlikely anyone playing on a modern console has two controllers.

It’s a great way for siblings to bond, and is a surprisingly fun couple’s activity, too.

You’ll need a compatible controller for that second player. If you’re buying for an Xbox gamer, any Xbox controller for the Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S will work. Microsoft’s atrocious naming scheme aside, any Xbox controller will work, licensed or not.

On PlayStation, keep in mind that DualShock 4 controllers will only work for PlayStation 4 and DualSense controllers will only work for PlayStation 5. They’re not cross-compatible like the Xbox.

Either way, I recommend an officially licensed controller from Xbox or PlayStation. They’ll last longer and feel better than third-party options. If you have little ones, they won’t have to fight over who has the better controller.

Having two controllers also opens up opportunities to explore couch co-op games like It Takes Two or Overcooked. They’re great games to play together during the holiday season.

Great for: Siblings or couples on Xbox/PlayStation


Headphones can give an immediate advantage to anyone playing a shooter game like Fortnite. Headphones allow you to better track and hear your enemies. Adding a microphone with a headset lets you easily communicate with your friends and teammates.

There are a ton of “gaming” headsets on the market, and quite frankly a lot of them are awful. They have terrible audio and build quality compared to lower-end headphones made for musicians from a brand like Sennheiser, AKG or Audio-Technica. With those headphones, you’re just missing out on a microphone and wireless connectivity.

A good headset made for gaming will cost a bit more, but has lots of integrated connection features that make them worth it. Cheaper headsets tend to break quickly, as there are more points of failure that can occur when taking them on and off. You’ll want to find one with sturdy materials.

SteelSeries headsets are feature-rich, have decent audio/microphone and come at a variety of price points. The higher end models have metal construction that’s remarkably sturdy. They also have console branded ones that make use of the respective platform’s feature set. SteelSeries’s website has their headsets divided by platform, making it easy to find what you need and to make sure it’s compatible.

I would avoid any headset that connects with BlueTooth, as that type of wireless connection has more latency that isn’t great for games like Fortnite. If your gamer plays on PC, a wired headset will usually do fine. If they typically play on the couch with a console like the Xbox or PlayStation, wireless is the way to go.

As an aside, I find headphones difficult to shop for because everyone has a different head size. I have a huge head (I can never wear hats), and the SteelSeries fits well and can be adjusted smaller.

Great for: Teens to adults who game frequently and for long periods

Gaming mouse

Better peripherals won’t make you a better gamer necessarily, but they do add comfort and some extra features. For a shooter game like Fortnite, a good mouse is important. Without going into the gritty details, a gaming mouse with a DPI clutch can be a huge upgrade.

Wired or wireless won’t make a big difference in performance for most people. You’ll also see mice with tiny number pads on the side; those are designed for games like League of Legends and can actually get in the way of shooting games. For a Fortnite gamer, you’re looking for one with a DPI clutch.

The short of it is that this button allows you to lower the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly, letting you slow down and make more precise shots.

The Basilisk from Razer, the Rival 5 from SteelSeries and the G402 from Logitech come at similar price ranges and offer all of the features any Fortnite player could want in a mouse.

Great for: PC Gamers, teens to adult


Fortnite has their own set of licensed Joy-Cons (Nintendo Switch controllers). They instantly change the look of the system to be similar (in fact mirrored) to the now long sold-out Fortnite limited edition Switch system. They’re easily found in big box or game stores and come with a bonus 500 V-Bucks and some cosmetics.

Great for: Gamers on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Grips

Fortnite is, thankfully, able to be played cross-platform. That means that one player can be on the TV with an Xbox or PlayStation and another can be on the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode while playing together in the same room. The Switch’s ergonomics are less than desirable, and can lead to cramps pretty quickly especially when playing intense games like Fortnite. That’s where grips come in.

They slide over the entire handheld system and have extensions that make the Switch feel like a long controller. There are a few good brands for these grips, but the best ones for a shooter like Fortnite come from Satisfye.

The right handle on the Satisfye grip is slightly offset, which allows the thumb to rest over the right analog stick that’s used for aiming. It’s extremely comfortable for playing any kind of game in portable mode. The grip doubles as a stand, too.

They come in three different sizes, one for each type of Switch: Lite, original and OLED model. The OLED model grip also fits the original Switch model. You don’t need the bundles they sell; the grips themselves are more than

Great for: Gamers on Nintendo Switch

Fortnite action figures

Jazwares makes a whole line of Fortnite action figures and toys. They come at a variety of sizes, prices and sets. If you know your gamer’s favorite character, you might be able to find an action figure of them at your local big box store or online.

The smaller figures are great for kids, and the larger figures have some more detail and accessories that even adult fans can appreciate.

Great for: Kids to teens, adult collectors

Fortnite plush

Like action figures, these plush offer iconic Fortnite characters in adorable plush form. Tons of characters and items from the Loot Llama, Durrr Burger and Peely to the disembodied head of the Cuddle Team Leader can be had as as a soft toy.

Great for: Young kids

Fortnite Nerf Blasters

While Fortnite’s in-game weapons are based on real life firearms, the Nerf versions of them put a great aesthetic spin on them that screams Fortnite. They fire foam darts, but I wouldn’t recommend them for very young kids. Instead, these are amazing collectibles and fun toys for adults.

They don’t necessarily look like how they appear in the game with the bright colors, but they certainly feel like they’re from Fortnite. My favorite part about the design of the Fortnite Nerf Blasters is the exaggerated foreshortening, making them look like they leapt from the icon box of the game’s inventory menu.

Even with the exaggerated colors and proportions, they’re filled with details. The Silenced Pistol has a detachable barrel, Snipers have removable scopes, Assault Rifles have motorized auto-fire and Revolvers even have semi-realistic hammer action. There are also Harvesting Tools (pickaxes) made of soft foam. They even make Nerf Rocket Launchers that fire huge foam rockets. If you know their favorite weapon, a Nerf version of it is a great gift.

Most of the blasters feel like how they play in-game, with a few exceptions. The Pump SG (shotgun) has a breech loading system that isn’t quite how it feels in game, but fun nonetheless. There are two revolver type blasters, but the 6-SH is the one that features hammer action and a rotating drum that feels more true to the game than the SR model.

You can often find them on sale at big box stores, though it could be a little tough finding the name of what you want. They’re still toys, so Hasbro can’t put “Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle” on the package. Instead, the product names are acronyms of the weapon names. For example, that Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is abbreviated to BASR.

Great for: Responsible kids and teens, adults