Chapter 3’s weirdest mechanic: How to knock down Timber Pines

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Timber Pines are one of the weirdest mechanics in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, and now there’s Quest to find them. Here’s how to knock down Timber Pines, what that means and where to even find them.

Chapter 3’s weirdest mechanic: How to knock down Timber Pines

You’re looking for thick pine trees in the snowy regions of the Island. The best place to find them is at Logjam Lumberyard. Hit the tree with your harvesting tool, and true to its name it will fall down. If the tree doesn’t become a log and fall to the ground, it’s not a Timber Pine.

You only need to break down five Timber Pines to complete the Quest. There should be more than enough at Logjam Lumberyard for you to knock down. You can also find several Timber Pines at Shifty Shafts.

There’s only so many though, and if you’re Questing early this week you may run into enemies right when you land. If not, you may find that there are no more Timber Pines left to knock down. There’s more in the surrounding area, so consider landing near Logjam Lumberyard instead.

From here, you can keep harvesting wood from the fallen Timber Pine, or you can start pushing it around for fun. It actually deals some damage when it rolls over enemies and structures, and has some goofy rolling physics. It could be a weapon in a pinch, I suppose.

The weirdest thing about the Timber Pines happens when you get a log into the river. It becomes a little raft that you can use to float downstream.

Either way, felling some Timber Pines is a quick way to earn some XP. Take advantage of the Power Leveling weekend to earn even more. You won’t want to miss some of the great Battle Pass skins this inaugural Season of Chapter 3 has to offer.

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