What to expect from a No Build Mode in Fortnite: LTM Predictions

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Fortnite’s key building mechanic is what sets it apart from its competitors. It’s also a source of contention, dividing the player base in half with its relatively high skill check. For those who don’t want to invest their skills into building virtual Lego at light speed, there’s allegedly a new No Build LTM coming according dataminers.

What to expect from a No Build Mode in Fortnite: LTM Predictions

Building well (or at all) instantly gives someone a massive advantage over those who don’t. There are a few strategies to counter building, like explosive weapons or high mobility, but building still separates the noobs from the sweats. According to HYPEX, a No Build LTM is in development for Fortnite.

A No Build mode would reward players’ shooting skills among more traditional shooter techniques, but that doesn’t remove the key aspect of Battle Royale: range. It’s why Snipers and weapons that can decide encounters at distance are consistently so powerful. They would be even more powerful when enemies can’t build cover to dodge sniper fire.

With the concept of range in mind, building lets you control spacing and ultimately range. It’s not as important in shooters than in fighting games for example, but Fortnite is the exception. In a No Build LTM, the removal of building will force players to rely on other methods of spacing.

Launch Pads and other mobility items like Spider-Man’s Web Slingers will be highly valuable. Chapter 3 Season 1 introduced a huge mechanic that changes the way the game is played in sliding. With such a quick traversal method and the inability to create a fast wall, some weapons may be evaluated higher than they would be in the normal Battle Royale mode.

This also means that location and rotations will be more important than ever, and may cause some locations and landmarks to favor certain kinds of weapons and approaches.

It’s always astounded me how building, the key mechanic of Fortnite, is so divisive among the players. I’m a much better shot than a builder anyway, but the removal of Fortnite’s claim to fame begs the question:

Why wouldn’t you just play a different game?

Maybe it’s all part of Fortnite’s expansion into a Roblox-like gaming platform and metaverse expansion.

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