Why are you unable to login to Fortnite Servers? Waiting in Queue explained

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Are you unable to login to Fortnite Servers? You’re not alone. Lots of players are having trouble logging in, stuck waiting in queue trying to get into the game. What’s going on?

Why are you unable to login to Fortnite Servers? Waiting in Queue explained

In case you missed it, Fortnite Chapter 3 just launched. A brand new island, new Battle Pass and freaking Spiderman are finally here, and lots of players want to get in on the action and see what’s new, just like you, the fine reader.

Because so many players are logging in, there’s a queue in place get into the game. Earlier, some players had difficulty logging in in general. The queue should have cleared things up, so if you wait you’ll get in.

Firing up the game as usual will put you into the blue loading screen with the message “Waiting in Queue for” followed by a counter. Mine was 12 minutes, and afterward I was able to get into the game for the first taste of Chapter 3.

That doesn’t mean that it’s all smooth sailing. Getting into the game is one thing, but other things like the matchmaker and item shop may still be suffering slowdowns as Epic Games scrambles to fix issues as they occur due to the high traffic.

The hype around the new Chapter means Epic will sure have a lot to deal with if they want to make the launch of their new Chapter smooth and enjoyable. According to Epic Games, Chapter 3 has the largest amount of players for a Season’s launch by far. They’ve been pretty quick at addressing server issues in the past, so it’ll definitely clear up as the week goes on.

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There’s tons of new things to cover with this new Fortnite Chapter, so stick to Forever Fortnite for everything anything Fortnite.