Fortnite Chapter 2 comes to an early end

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Fortnite Chapter 2 is coming to an early end. Epic Games announced earlier today that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 will be the last season of Chapter 2, culminating in the final battle against the Cube Queen. Curiously, the second The End event comes two seasons earlier than most would expect.

Fortnite Chapter 2 comes to an early end

Fortnite Chapter 1 concluded with The End, right when Season X wrapped up. Ten is a nice number to end a Chapter on, and it seemed like the trend would be for a Chapter to run for ten seasons. Internally, Chapter 2 is designated as starting from v11.00 onward.

My guess is that the Chapters are to prevent the game’s updates looking too large and daunting for new players.

Interestingly, dataminers have found work for v19.10. The clean naming scheme seems to be broken here, as Chapter 3 will not start at v21.00.

While the Chapter is ending a few seasons earlier than expected, Season 8 itself is also wrapping up a day early, on December 4. To compensate for the missing day, Epic Games is awarding 225,000 XP to anyone who logs in before the Season ends.

That does also mean you have one less day to complete the Cube Queen Quests and the Toona Fish Styles, but at the very least your Battle Pass will be complete. Leveling this Season had already been extremely easy, and you should have no trouble completing it even if you start now.

There’s only going to be one showing of the live event, and it’s highly likely we’ll get a blackout before Chapter 3 starts just like we saw at the end of Chapter 1.

Up to 16 players can party up in the final battle against the Cube Queen, and everyone who participates will get an exclusive Loading Screen and Wrap to commemorate the occasion.

Fortnite seems to have a lot of “final” fights, huh?

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