Fortnite: 5 Paper Bomb Kunai tips and tricks

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The Paper Bomb Kunai is a brand new weapon that ties in with the latest Naruto crossover in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8. It’s nothing like the other weapons out right now, so if you want to defeat your enemies with a ninja flourish you’ll need to know the best ways to use it. Here are five Paper Bomb Kunai tips and tricks to get you starts.

Fortnite: 5 Paper Bomb Kunai tips and tricks

Paper Bomb Kunai can be found in Chests, as Floor Loot or Supply Drops. The NPC Kakashi sells them for 150 Bars.

1- Parabola

The Paper Bomb Kunai is a throwable weapon. It’s a basically a throwing knife with a proximity bomb attached to it. Throwing it forward, you’ll see it has significant drop as it flies. To get some extra distance, aim higher to arc the kunai as you would a grenade.

You might need some practice to hit someone like this, but it’s a good way to set the paper bomb as a trap. It also has some homing properties, so be sure to throw it fast.

Otherwise, it’s easier to throw it directly at an enemy at medium range. Don’t get to close when you do, which brings me to:

2- Fire warning

The explosion from the Paper Bomb Kunai hurts you, too. Refrain from using the Paper Bomb Kunai to an enemy directly in front of you. The bomb aspect can even explode in mid-air if it’s close enough to an enemy, which can be a problem if you’re too close.

3- Lead the way

The knife you throw has a slow travel speed, so you’ll want to lead your shots slightly to hit moving enemies. It sticks to the ground, so you can aim near the enemy’s feet and get some damage off the bomb.

4- To the wall

In addition to sticking to the ground, they also stick to the wall. You can use this to cut off enemies in a build fight, or as a way to disrupt bunches of enemies huddled by a wall in Trios or Squads. Just watch out for the explosion:

5- Bomb no Jutsu

The best part of the Paper Bomb Kunai is that it’s still a bomb. It doesn’t deal that much damage to enemy players, but it deals a massive 200 damage to structures. The difficult part is getting the bomb to trigger, but throwing it at a wall/ramp where an enemy is perched peeking is a fast way to get them down.

Also. Don't buy the Kurama Glider. light