What is a trap? Fortnite Place or destroy a trap quest guide

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The latest v18.40 update brought a new wave of NPCs, most notably Naruto’s Kakashi from the much hyped crossover event. His quests are ninja-themed, as as such has you in Fortnite place or destroy a trap. How can you go about this?

What is a trap? Fortnite Place or destroy a trap quest guide

The trap item can be rather misleading. The new Paper Bomb Kunai weapon Kakashi sells has trap-like elements, but it’s not a trap item as the game sees it.

There are two trap items in Chapter 2 Season 8, neither of which actually ensnare an enemy. It’s an item type, populated by a variety of proper booby traps and devices. The two you’re concerned with are the Launch Pad or the Armored Wall.

These items spawn mostly as either floor loot or in supply drops, though you can find Launch Pads in normal chests as well. Launch Pad are Epic and Armored Walls are Uncommon, so look for the purple and green glows in floor loot respectively. To complete the Quest, simply deploy the trap item of choice while you’re in Build mode.

Keep in mind you have to place a trap on a surface. In the Launch Pad’s case, it has to be flat. Build a floor before placing the Launch Pad. With the Armored Wall, you must fortify one of your builds. It doesn’t have to be a wall, but it does has to be one of your own structures.

It will be significantly easier to place a trap rather than destroy one, since you won’t have to rely on stumbling upon an enemy’s Launch Pad. If you do, however, find one, be sure to take it out for an easy Quest complete. Punching through an enemy’s Armored Wall will take quite a while.

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With the Epic Quest complete, you’re now 30,000 XP closer to Battle Pass completion.