Fortnite: Is the Icy Grappler is the best mobility item yet?

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Mobility is extremely powerful in Fortnite. From the often vaulted Rifts to the vehicles scattered around the island, anything you can use to reposition and get to where you need to go quickly is indispensable. The Grappler is a classic item for this purpose, but the Icy Grappler may be one of the best takes on this yet.

Fortnite: Icy Grappler is the best mobility item yet

On the surface, the Icy Grappler looks and feels just like the normal Grappler. Aim the plunger gun and you’ll be slingshotted to the point you shot. The big difference starts as soon as you land.

As you’re whipping through the air, your feet will become frozen. Hitting the ground will cause you to slide forward, carrying through the momentum from the normal Grappler effect. Since the Icy Grappler has no cool down, you can use this to skate across the island with great haste.

This is amazing for mobility, but Frozen Feet is technically a “debuff”, as items that previously caused this effect were usually weapons that inflicted it to enemies. It’s quite difficult to aim while you’re sliding about, and the confusion it causes is what makes this effect powerful.

You’re not using it on an enemy, so you won’t be caught off guard. The Frozen Feet condition moves players faster, but predictably. The Icy Grappler is still, well, a Grappler, so you can always readjust your movement and rush enemies like the normal one can. This mitigates the ostensible downside, and turns it into a powerful mobility tool.

The Icy Grappler lets you take enemies by surprise as you careen towards them with both the Grappler’s unpredictable trajectories and the immense speed gained by the Frozen Feet condition. This combination is enormously fun to pull off in game. Pair it with your favorite SMG or Shotgun and you’re golden.

Unlike previous Grappler variants, the Icy Grappler is easy to get. These sorts of mobility items were reserved for Boss drops or were seasonal, like Jules’ Glider Gun or the Witch Broom.

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If you’re seeking out the Icy Grappler, you need to buy it from Fabio Sparklemane at Apres Ski, south of Misty Meadows and up the mountain. The Icy Grappler will set you back 400 Bars, but given how plentiful Bars are this season it’ll be worth nabbing whenever you can.