Fortnite collect candy guide: How to collect candy in Fortnite

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Fortnitemares is back, and what would Halloween be without candy? Candy in Fortnite come as consumable items that are a quick and easy way to get various buffs on top of minor healing. Here’s how to collect candy in Fortnite and what they do.

How to collect candy in Fortnite

Candy can be found in the pumpkin treat buckets that appear in front of houses in residential areas. Holly Hedges, Pleasant Park and Retail Row are the best places to find candy, but you may find them in other areas as well.

To get candy, simply break the buckets open, best done with your harvesting tool. Candy is collected like any other consumable, and they all have different effects. They are all technically common, but I’ve found some candy types can be rarer than others.

Fortnite Candy Guide

Candy Corn

Candy Corn works like the corn item, restoring 1 health per second for 10 seconds.

Jelly Bean

Good ol’ jelly beans act like Slurp Mushrooms, restoring 10 health or shields depending on how hurt you are.

Thermal Taffy

My favorite candy gives you thermal vision and restores 5 health. It works just like the Thermal Fish, letting you see the heat signatures of enemies. This is best used in conjunction with long range weapons like snipers.

Pepper Mint

This one works like the Pepper consumable item, increasing your speed temporarily on top of healing for 5 health.

Hop Drop

The Hop Drop works like Hop Flopper or the Hop Rocks of old. It gives you a low gravity effect when jumping and some extra speed. It also heals you for 5 health. I think the Hop Drop is the best of the candy, as the bonus speed and jump time are great for traversal and for fire fights.

Zero Point Pretzel

These don’t heal you at all, but it does give you the extraordinarily powerful Zero Point Dash. They let you blink forward quickly, dashing ahead at fast speed.

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