Zero Point Dashing: How to Zero Point Dash in Fortnite

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Zero Point Dashing in Fortnite will be important to know if you want to complete this week’s Legendary Quest.

How to Zero Point Dash in Fortnite: Where to Find Zero Point Crystals

To Zero Point Dash, you’ll first need the effects of the Zero Point Crystal. Added in the recent v15.40 update, these crystals give you the ability to teleport a short distance, known as a Zero Point Dash.

You can find this where you’d expect to: under the Zero Point in the center of the map. When you reach the desert area, you’ll find pink and purple spires. They kind of look like those Himalayan salt lamps. You can get Zero Point Crystals from breaking the purple ones or by finding them on the ground. You can’t break the pink ones.

From here, you can consume them like a foraged item. They even register as a foraged item for XP purposes. Unlike other foraged items, you can’t hang on to them in your inventory.

You can also get this same ability by consuming a Zero Point Fish.

How to Zero Point Dash in Fortnite

When you’ve consumed a Zero Point Crystal or Zero Point Fish, you’ll have its power for 15 seconds. Small crystals will float around you. After a jump, you can jump again to dash in the direction you’re moving. Zero Point Dashing can be done as many times as you can in the 15 seconds the Zero Point Crystal is active. If you don’t input a movement direction when Zero Point Dashing, you’ll go directly forward.

How to Hit an Opponent Within 10 Seconds of Zero Point Dashing

Since everyone will be scrambling under the Zero Point to complete this quest, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to work on this week’s Legendary Quest. Ten seconds is more than enough time to line up a few shots after dashing. Grab a shotgun and rush down some opponents as soon as you land. Of course, this means your enemies will probably also be Zero Point Dashing against you. Watch out for any enemies Sand Tunnelling, as well.