Fortnite v15.40: Biggest Changes Detailed

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Fortnite v15.40 just dropped earlier today, and brings news of some classic LTMs and the return of a fan favorite weapon. Here are the biggest changes in the 15.40 update.

Fortnite v15.40: Flint-Knock Pistol Returns

Perhaps the biggest change this update is the return of the Flint-Knock Pistol. It was Vaulted back in Season X, and makes a triumphant return in Chapter 2 Season 5. Gray, common Flint-Knocks can be found in Floor Loot and green Uncommon ones can be found on the floor and in chests. If you weren’t around in Chapter 1 when it was in the loot rotation, the Flint-Knock Pistol like the rough, back-alley cousin of the Revolver. Both can be used as shotgun substitute, but the Flint-Knock has abysmal accuracy.

Unlike other weapons, your first shot with the Flint-Knock Pistol doesn’t get the accuracy bonus. If you can manage to land a headshot, you’ll be dealing a ton of damage for an uncommon weapon.

As its name implies, the Flint-Knock pushes you backwards when you fire it, like The Dub. If your enemy is close enough, they also get knocked back. I’ve been using this ability on The Dub as a mobility tool to get out of an ambush, so it’s great that there’s an even easier way of getting this effect in the early game.

Fortnite v15.40: Exotic Weapons Increased

Speaking of The Dub, v15.40 also brings more stock for Exotic Weapons to NPCs. According to Epic Games, NPCs will carry more stock for Exotics for players to get. While you’re out kitting your squad out with Exotic Weapons, my recommendation is to grab a Storm Scout from Lexa at Hunter’s Haven. If it’s good enough to get banned in Arena, it’s more than good enough for your regular games.

Fortnite v15.40: Limited Time Modes

Some of the game’s best LTMs will be coming soon as of 15.40. Air Royale puts everyone in the lobby in a Stormwing and has them battle for aerial supremacy. The Floor Is Lava may be my favorite, and it’s not often we get to play the mode outside of Creative.

In The Floor Is Lava, the map slowly becomes engulfed in lava, forcing players up to the high ground. Touching lava deals damage and launches you up.

Fortnite v15.40: Performance Mode Changes

Performance Mode gets some tweaks in the update. According to Epic Games, they’ve adjusted the level of details for objects and builds. Performance Mode is still in alpha, but is your best way to play Fortnite on older hardware.