Fortnite Season Five: What Items Were Vaulted This Season?

With loss comes gain, but we are going to miss a few of the weapons that were vaulted this season.

When a new Fortnite season begins, you can get so caught up with what you have gained that you don’t pay attention to what you’ve lost. While you are running from or hunting down Bounty Hunters, it’s easy to miss out on the fire trap being gone. Or perhaps you are so caught up enjoying the heavy assault rifle that you have already forgotten about the revolver.

Among the weapons that we have lost this season is the pump shotgun that is going to disappoint many fans. Especially since the pump has been replaced with the return of the charge shotgun and the tactical shotgun. Like many Fortnite fans, I have always loved the tactical, but I did become fond of the pump shotgun. I would have much rather had kept the pump instead of the charge, but that’s just me.

The combat shotgun has also been vaulted along with the scoped assault rifle, the tactical SMG, and the SCAR, although some players have reported the SCAR can still be found. The only non-gun vaulted this season was the fire trap which was a huge bummer for me, along with many other players. The only trap that I have found so far this season is bouncers. However, it has been rumored that we will see the return of launch pads in the near future.

Despite losing some of our favorite weapons, we can hope that it will only be for the time being and we will see them be unvaulted in the future. Until then, I will be enjoying the new weapons and unvaulted weapons we do have. Perhaps I can sacrifice the pump shotgun for the Dragon Breath shotgun. Shew, what a gun that is!